My Favorite Places #2: Shake Shack


Shake Shack is undoubtedly one of my favorite places to eat. Ever. I crave their delicious, juicy goodness of a burger in my sleep. I discovered Shake Shack through a friend who use to work there and she bought us there to try the burgers and once I bit into it, I was HOOKED. Me and my best friend come here often to catch up and have a bite.

They have the cutest little burgers. I can never just eat one now. I have to have two or they won't do anything for me. But I'm sure it would be filling with a side of fries, which are also tasty, but I rather just have another burger cause they're just that good.

They cook them medium rare by default which makes them all the more juicy. But if you like your burgers cooked thoroughly, make sure you let them know at the register because they will come medium rare.

See you guys next time!
Sincerely, Koko

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  1. Wow that looks amaaazing! I just got hungry haha really great job on the photography!

    Pretty in Python


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