[STREET FASHION]Mariel in Bebe, H&M etc.


Ok I'm so scared because I know I messed up her name. Sorry girl! I think she said Ariel but instead of the "A" its with a "M". If you're seeing this let me know haha.

 But anyways she was gorgeous and rocking this jumper the day I saw her. At first I was too scared cause she was walking by me as I was crossing the street but I saw her again while waiting for the hubs to pick me up, so I was like, "OK THIS IS MY CHANCE" and I obviously should get her photo because I keep bumping into her.

Loved how she put this all together. Perfect fall outfit. I'm also in love with jumpers so that's a thing haha.

Outfit Details:
Jumper: Bebe
Shoes: H&M

Need to get better at getting full body shots but ya know with a 50mm lens its hard to do unless I stand in the street haha! But I totally didn't even get her boots and I really wanted the boots.

See you around!
Thanks for reading guys and thanks girl for letting me take your photo.
Sincerely, Koko

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  1. Thanks for featuring me on your blog! You were close with the name it's Mariel lol


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