[STREET FASHION] Honey in H&M, Vans, etc.


Hey guys! 
Back with another set of photos from my street fashion adventures. This time I was roaming around campus on the hunt for cute girls in cute outfits and found Miss Honey here.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Thifted
Shoes: Vans
Jacket: H&M

Sincerely, Koko

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  1. omg she is too cute! love her beanie and varsity jacket! :)

    Metallic Paws

    1. I know isn't she adorable! XDD By the way thank you for stopping by..You're one of my favorite bloggers so I was really excited when I saw you leave a comment!

  2. Hey KoKo!
    You stopped me in the street today to take a picture and I just realized I didn't give you my outfit info! Also, I wanted to let you know I was serious about checking out your blog! I'll definitely keep visiting =]]

    1. Omg Sally!! Thank you SO much for visiting!! And yeah haha! When me and my friend walked away we were like SHOOT forgot to ask what she was wearing. You're going up after another girl so please keep checking back! Thank you so much again for letting me snap some photos of you!

  3. I was forever21 head to toe except for the bag it was a find at retro.. vintage coach bag


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