Hello there.
I had my first little photoshoot a few days ago outdoors! It was so fun and the model was an adorable good friend of mines. She's rocking two of the shirts from Nvoked, a start-up apparel company that I intern for. We've released our first line of shirts and they're so adorable. Any who, I was assigned to create new product shots so I thought it would be a great opportunity to have my first photoshoot as a photographer.

Here she's wearing our unisex raglan! Well all the pieces so far are actually unisex.

Both shirts work well with shorts or skirts and of course jeans. However, I find that the raglan is a bit more versatile and easier to work with. Hopefully soon we'll be getting even more new shirts in other styles like crop tops and crew necks!

Our company's mascot is obviously the red panda. They're like the cutest things ever.

Invoke A Better You!
Sincerely, Koko

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