[ROOKIE MAKEUP] Look 1#: Purple Smokey Eye


Heeyy guys!

 I'm back to present my first little series here on my blog. And its called Rookie Make Up. 
I'm no where near being an expert make up artist. I've actually only been wearing make up for around 2 or 3 years and I've ALWAYS stayed very simple; mascara, lip product, eyeliner, and maybe some bb cream on a special day. It was only this year that I even started filling in my brows. WOAH right?

So I'm pretty much a baby artist at make up and I hope this series lets me not only get better but you guys can also see how I grow. The look above is one of the few times I've played with eye shadows. And I must say, not bad Chanel, not bad. I was really pleased with the outcome although I don't think I'm brave enough to sport it outside, even though its quite tame haha.

I used a darker matte purple in my crease, a flat matte purple on my lids, a shimmery black on my outer lid, and a light matte purple mixed with matte white shadow in the corner of my eyes for bright eyed effect. I'm all about that bright eyed effect in the corners!

I do need to get better at blending though (I also need to buy proper brushes teehee). And I now understand why all make up gurus yell BLEND BABY BLEND! Cause without blending correctly you just look like you have a big black eye.

Well, I had a lot of fun with this!
Let me know what you guys think of my look here.

Products Used:
Random no name palette from a friend
Nyx Smokey Eye Palette
Maybelline Volum' Express Rocket Mascara
E.L.F. Eraser (My ride or die boo)

Sincerely, Koko

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